SEDNA Project News

Feb 2021

Presenting SEDNA Safe Arctic Bridge to IMO Sub-committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping

Dr Jonathan Earthy from Llyod’s Register and Prof Kjetil Nordby from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design presented the SEDNA Safe Arctic Bridge and AR design concepts to the IMO HTW7. Dr Earthy provides an overview of key ISO considerations which relate to human centred design, while also discussing some of the key drivers for ensuring that human elements take centre stage within the design processes of bridge navigation technologies. Prof Nordby discusses the limitations imposed by current bridge equipment, and the potential impact that AR design concepts such as those developed within SEDNA could have on Arctic Shipping.

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Jan 2021

Arctic Shipping Trends 2050

The UCL department of mechanical engineering have published a report which summarises some of the most important issues facing Arctic shipping into the future. The report provides a holistic overview of this key topic, focusing on the potential challenges faced by the maritime industry, while also presenting the broader regional considerations within the Arctic. The report also illustrates a number of UCL’s SEDNA funded research efforts throughout the project, with key inputs from SEDNA technical lead Prof Giles Thomas, Christopher Ryan and Dr Dimitris Stagonas.

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Oct 2020

September 2020 Newsletter

Check out the September 2020 newsletter for the all the latest project news and updates

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Sep 2020

SEDNA researcher Prof Pentti Kujala named winner of the Transportation Research Award 2020

Prof Pentti Kujala from the AALTO University School of Engineering has won the Transportation Award 2020 in the field of waterborne transport. Prof Kujala received this award in recognition of his extensive and continuous contribution in delivering research outputs, which are designed to improve safety for shipping in ice-affected regions such as the Arctic, Baltic and Antarctic waters. The Transportation Research Awards are hosted and awarded in recognition of researchers who contribute extensively to EU funded projects. Prof Kujala’s scientific impact consists of over 200 publications, 2,500 citations, and the contribution to policy development in relation to assessing risks for voyages in Polar waters.

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Aug 2020

AALTO Publish research on ice loading for vessels operating in Arctic environments

SEDNA consortium members AALTO University have recently published research on the effects of ice loading on vessels operating in Arctic environments. The research addresses knowledge gaps in relation to the complex and dynamic nature of ice loading for vessels operating within these extreme environments. The research seeks to address these challenges by considering ice loading from a ship design perspective in order to develop and implement safeguards throughout a vessel’s construction and operational life cycle. The research was published in the journal of marine structures, and features inputs from Prof Pentti Kujala and Dr Martin Bergström from the AALTO University School of Engineering

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