Sea ice forecasting to support Arctic operations: end-users requirements (H2020 SEDNA project)

23 January 2018

Sjøgata 7, 9259 Tromsø, Norway

The objective of this event is to present our current understanding of Arctic end-user requirements in terms of sea ice forecasting to support Arctic navigation and operations. Indeed, as part of the H2020 SEDNA European project, the Met Office will customize, further develop and validate existing (1) seasonal 3 months-ahead sea ice extent and (2) 7-day sea ice thickness forecasts.

We will thus present and introduce the existing products with our panellists who already have some experience using this type of information to support their Arctic operations in a range of Arctic regions. The objective is to get further insight from a wider range of potential end-users such as Captains and ice management experts on their needs and requirements with using such type of data. The specific questions we would like to address are as follows: Are these types of products currently needed to support and plan your operations? What are your requirements to enable using or optimizing these products? Which type of format would you need to integrate these products with your data management systems and decision-making processes? What are your main regions or routes of interest?